Branding Begins with Beautiful, Innovative Design

Who we are

“As the world has become increasingly more reliant on technology, our visual acuity for recognising branding and brand message has changed dramatically. Branding has become the factor of paramount importance to a business’ competitive edge. To hope that a good looking logo is sufficient for a brand’s visual identity is merely wishful thinking.

At 86 Deck, we are a passionate design agency that is focused on creating original, creative, visual solutions that compel your target audience to understand, learn, and see who and what your business does. We strive to bind that relationship between you and your clients with a smooth approach in design and branding, so that they can share your positive thoughts and feelings you have for your business.

Simply put, we create memorable experiences with good design. If you are looking for corporate print design, copy layouting, or corporate photography work, we look forward to working with you and your team.”

Charlie So, Creative Director

What we do

Balancing the Visual Message

From concept to design to production, our highly-experienced team and network of graphic designers, photographers, event producers, storytellers and stylists will collaborate to tell your brand’s story. It’s our firm belief that strong design strikes a balance between proper strategy and premier art direction; a balance that improves with each project we work on.

Whether you need personalized branding, graphic, web or event design, or simply production, our attentive, highly-engaging staff is ready to hit your deadlines, fit your budget, and create messaging that boosts your success rate. Our talented, extremely bright team is steeped in brand and production design experience, and we’re ready to bring youth and enthusiasm to your brand in unique and memorable ways.

Our Clients

Assisting Our Clients

There’s no client too big or too small for 86 Deck. We’ve helped clients ranging from startups, small SMEs, boutiques to multi-national corporations and we always approach the job the same way; collaborative solutions that fit their vision for success and target audience with consistent brand messaging.

We talk to clients. We work with clients. We solve problems.

86 Deck Team

At 86 Deck we only want to work with the best. We know that good talent is hard to find, and we have been grateful to have worked with such amazing people.

Through our unmatched workflow, we complete projects with appreciative quality, great attention to detail and impact. To do this, we handpick designers, developers, production houses, photographers and specialised agencies globally so that we have the best for your project.